Commercials tell a story about your brand, its products, and services. Choosing the rightvoice actor for your commercial is essential. The actor is responsible forbringing the story to life and will be the voice that represents your brand. Tochoose the right voice actor for your commercial, consider these tips.


Choose anexperienced voice over actor who understands the demographics that are similarto yours. Take a look at their demos, as well as their previous professionalprojects to interrupt their performance.


Beforecasting a voice actor, you need to listen to them read your script. Whenlistening to their voice, pay attention to their accent. Is the accentappropriate for your brand, audience and the subject of the commercial? Anactor who speaks the language in the same accent as your audience will make thecommercial more authentic and help establish a stronger connection with youraudience. Much like how accents canimmediately make a connection between the listener and the content in English,the same is true for all other languages. This is true for professionalbusiness contents like corporate animations and commercials.


In additionto the accent, the actor must be able to speak in the right tone. Some voiceactors are great for upbeat and playful projects, while others are best forpresenting more serious messages. Experienced actors can speak in all differenttypes of styles and tones, depending on the project at hand. Listen to theactor's tone of voice and see if their presentation is the most ideal for yourcommercial and brand.

For the bestvoice actor for your commercial, work with a professional voice over company. At VoiceDubz, we have a network of the top international voice overtalent and can connect you to the perfect actor for your project.