International Voiceover

About Our Company

Founded by John Wang in January 2014, VoiceDubz Studios has prided itself on producing high-quality international voiceovers for many top companies around the world. VoiceDubz specializes in the North American, Japanese, and Chinese marketplaces. Our work encompasses many areas, including narrations, video games, corporate videos, and commercials that can be seen on major networks, such as NBC, CCTV, and BTV.

To better serve our clients, VoiceDubz was incorporated in partnership with Jade Zhang, the owner and CEO of MY Media, a media company that has been operating successfully in Beijing since 2008. This expanded the VoiceDubz brand to be able to bring in local talents at a convenient location. Currently, VoiceDubz is based in Calgary but operations are also run from the Beijing and Tokyo partner studios.

Our Areas of Expertise

Whether it is a formal corporate video, commercial, animated movie, or children's book, ensuring the best quality finished product requires much more than just a native speaker of the language. The right message needs to be delivered with the perfect flavor to ensure it attracts the right audience, and VoiceDubz is here help you achieve your goals every step of the way!